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It’s a great platform to manage your imagery, especially when time is restricted and you're unable to be immediately on email to respond to journalist image requests.
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David White

PR & Social Media Manager - UK

Can you tell us a bit about you, your role and the business?

I'm David White, the PR & Social Media Manager at and I’m responsible for generating editorial coverage for the business, organising events and managing our organic social media channels.

Brit-brand Loaf makes laid-back furniture for people to kick off their shoes and lead happier, more relaxed lives. Launched in 2008, the homeware brand has made it their mission to encourage people to enjoy their homes more. The ‘loafing’ ethos has paid off, with rapid growth positioning Loaf as one of the UK’s fastest growing companies in the UK!

Having lost a whole Saturday trying to buy a bed, founder Charlie Marshall saw an opportunity to make the shopping experience as quick and hassle-free as possible. So two years, 187 mattress and bed factories later, Loaf was born. The predominantly online store launched with a select range of 12 beautifully made beds and just one perfect mattress. The quest for world domination as emperors of comfy didn’t stop there! Today they cover the entire home from squishy sofas through to cabinetry, lighting and soft furnishings.

The ever-growing team (a.k.a The Loafers) is now 155+ strong. To achieve Marshall’s expansion goals, Loaf’s first retail destination called the ‘Loaf Shack’ opened in October 2015 in London’s Battersea running alongside the online offering. There are now seven awesome laid-back Loaf Shacks across Blighty; Battersea, Notting Hill, Spitalfields, Guildford, Wilmslow, Solihull and St Albans.

And that's Loaf in a nutshell!

Which PR Activities do you do with Press Loft?

We use Press Loft to upload all of our wonderful imagery.

How is Press Loft helping your company and/or you in your role?

It’s an extremely handy tool for reaching a wide pool of journalists, bloggers and digital platforms from across the UK. It also means that should the PR team be away from our desks/not on email, there’s a portal there which press know they can head to and access Loaf imagery.

Press Loft is really useful for us to monitor what press/publications are downloading what images as well as receive alerts when we have received coverage.

What were you doing before you used Press Loft?

We were still doing what we do now, building relationships with journalists and having that one-to-one direct contact. This is an element of PR that we’re still hugely passionate about maintaining at Loaf, however, Press Loft is a great extension to the team and makes life a little bit easier!

What sort of business would you recommend Press Loft to?

Brands big and small. For smaller, independent brands or start-ups, it’s a great way to reach journalists and get on their radar. And with big brands, it’s a great platform to manage your imagery, especially when time is restricted and you're unable to be immediately on email to respond to journalist image requests.

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